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Are you the road type or mountain type? No matter what, the performance is here!

The Ultimate Bike Store

Olodge offers a wide range of bikes designed for all types of terrain. Whether you're a mountain hiker, a gravel road enthusiast or an adventurer looking to explore snow-covered areas, we've got the right outdoor bike for you!

Our mountain bikes (MTBs) are ideal for those seeking a dynamic off-road riding experience. Rugged and versatile, they can easily tackle rocky terrain and steep descents.

For enthusiasts of roads less travelled, our gravel bikes are designed to offer the perfect balance between speed and comfort. Their ability to handle both rough terrain and smooth surfaces makes them the ideal choice for those seeking adventure on different types of terrain.

Finally, our fat bikes, with their wide tires, are perfect for outdoor adventures in winter. These bikes have incredible traction on snow and ice, allowing riders to enjoy winter landscapes without fear of losing their balance.

At Olodge, we believe the outdoors is for everyone, and that's reflected in our bikes. Each of our models is designed to deliver optimum performance, whatever the terrain! Explore the great outdoors with confidence on our mountain bikes.

But Also High-Performance Bike Parts

At Olodge, we don't just sell mountain bikes. We also offer a complete range of high-performance bike parts. From brakes and bike tires to forks and pedals, every component is designed to optimize your bike's performance and durability.

Sourced from the best brands and made from robust, lightweight materials such as carbon and aluminum, our bike parts guarantee you a high-performance ride, perfect for amateur or even professional use.

No matter what part you need for a replacement or to build your new beast of the trails, Olodge has one of the best selections of bike parts in Quebec!

And Don't Forget the Right Bike Accessories and Protections!

In addition to high-performance bikes and parts, Olodge also offers a wide range of bike accessories and tools.

Our selection of tools makes it easy to maintain your bike, while our bike accessories, such as bike pumps, bottle cages and lights, enhance the comfort and safety of your outings.

And for even greater safety, we also offer a variety of cycling apparel and protective gear designed for cyclists. Helmets, protectors and even cycling shoes are available to protect you from the elements and guarantee your safety. With Olodge, you'll find everything you need for a complete and safe mountain biking experience.

The Best Bike Brands at the Best Price!

For our mountain bikes, we've carefully selected the most prestigious outdoor brands for you. We are committed to offering you the highest quality bikes from brands renowned for their expertise and attention to detail. From Forbidden and Marin to Rocky Mountain and Ibis, you'll find the best in outdoor cycling at Olodge!

We also work hard to bring you these brands at affordable prices. Take advantage of our bike sales to discover exclusive discounts and offers!

Discover the top brands of mountain bikes, parts and accessories at competitive prices at Olodge! And to top it all off, enjoy free shipping on orders over $100!

Store Your New Outdoor Bike at Olodge!

Choosing Olodge means opting for the very best in mountain biking, so you can aim for even greater performance on the trails.

Our selection of top-quality brands ensures durable products that stand up to your most intense adventures, bikes and parts alike.

So don't wait any longer! Shop your mountain bikes now at Olodge, the best bike store in Quebec, and get ready for your next adventure on the roads, such as they are.