EDC Every Day Carry Pump - 70cc (EDC Tool Sold Separately)
EDC Every Day Carry Pump - 70cc (EDC Tool Sold Separately)

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EDC Every Day Carry Pump - 70cc (EDC Tool Sold Separately)

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The EDC pump offers a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump. It is designed to integrate with the EDC tool system, CO2 cartridge or your favorite reserve. Made of aluminum with a durable textured machined finish. PUMP SIZE

A mini pump may look attractive, but with typical volumes of 30-60cc, it will take hundreds of strokes to inflate a new tube and has absolutely no chance of re-inflating a tubeless setup. When you have a flat, you want to fix it as soon as possible because driving time is precious. At 100cc and 160g, our high volume pump has the highest volume to weight ratio on the market.


Firmly push the pump head onto the Presta valve until it bottoms out, then pump. With our quick fit pump head, the valve stem is securely held and there is no risk of bending, breaking or dislodging the valve, or unscrewing the valve core when removing the pump .


  • 1-1/4" dia x 10" for 100cc (32mm dia x 254mm)
  • The 100cc pump can hold the EDC tool and a 20g CO2 or the EDC tool and storage capsule.
  • Fast-On Head (Presta only) - No threads or locking lever
  • Integrated CO2 inflator
  • Fully sealed and weatherproof internals
  • Includes bottle holder mount
  • Material: 6061-T6
  • Weight: 100cc (without EDC tool system)