Dérailleur RD-RX812 GRX - 11 Vitesses, 1x11||RD-RX812 GRX Derailleur - 11SPD, 1x11


RD-RX812 GRX Derailleur - 11SPD, 1x11

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With an integrated chain stabilizer mechanism, the Shimano GRX derailleur provides a quieter experience with shifting security and precision on mixed terrain. For rides on smooth surfaces, the derailleur features and ON/OFF switch for the chain stabilizer. The RD-RX812 rear derailleur is compatible with MTB cassettes with a max cog size of 42T.
  • Adjustable, gravel-tuned chain stabilizer prevents chain slapping and drops
  • Switch stabilizer ON/OFF to match the terrain
  • Silent and uninterrupted rear shifting on rough terrain
  • Smooth and reliable mixed-surface shifting
  • Compatible with current road Dual Control Levers
  • High cog: Max. 11T/Min. 11T
  • Low cog: Max. 42T/Min. 40T
  • Total capacity: 31T