Tige De Selle Télescopique Divine SL, 80mm/30.9mm||Divine SL Dropper Post, 80mm/30.9mm

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Divine SL Dropper Post, 80mm/30.9mm

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Based on our patented and award-winning REVIVE technology, we have completely adapted the inner workings of the DIVINE SL to the shorter stroke.
Our DIVINE SL can also be mounted and used on other bikes, but the properties of the DIVINE SL were specially designed for use in XC - and that's where it belongs.
The DIVINE SL is firmly locked in the fully extended position and in the fully retracted position to maintain the perfect seating position there. The DIVINE can be moved steplessly into any intermediate position, but is not firmly locked in these positions, but can bounce slightly under certain conditions. This is particularly helpful when climbing in technically difficult and steep root and stone passages, where a minimally lowered saddle has advantages in terms of power transmission and the light suspension ensures a certain level of residual comfort. We call this the "Tech Climb" feature.

Standard titanium saddle clamp bolts, weight-optimised, forged saddle clamp plates, butted and machined tubes. In order to achieve the sensationally low weight for the support, we turned each component twice and laid it out.