Manette GX Eagle - 12 Vitesses||GX Eagle Trigger Shifter - 12SPD


GX Eagle Trigger Shifter - 12SPD

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Of all the components that make up a mountain bike drivetrain, the shifter doesn’t exactly get a lot of spotlight time. But as the rider’s literal command and control center, the GX Eagle™ shifter is more than worthy of recognition. With intuitive thumb actuated triggers, the positive feel gives the right rider input to make shifts crisp and discernible every time. What’s more, its already legendary reliability continues for all-day epics, and all-time experiences. Plus, it features an aluminum trigger that’s ready for inevitable punishment, and MatchMaker™X compatibility. Precise and durable, it’s the hard-working, no-compromise shifter keeping riders in the right gear, every ride.
  • Aluminum trigger designed for a positive lever feel.
  • MatchMaker™X compatible.
  • Master GX Eagle™ master colorway to match all cassette and chain colors as part of Eagle™ Colorsystem.


  • Controller Type: Trigger
  • Cable pull ratio: X-Actuation
  • Compatibility - derailleur/hub: RD:12s
  • Cable length: 2200mm
  • Speeds: 12
  • Matchmaker Compatibility: Yes
  • Collar included
  • Weight: 122g