Manette X01 Eagle Grip Shift - 12 Vitesses, Arrière, Noir||X01 Eagle Grip Shifter - 12SPD, Rear, Black


X01 Eagle Grip Shifter - 12SPD, Rear, Black

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Three decades ago, SRAM was founded on a product called Grip Shift, and an idea that shifting a bike should be easier, better and more intuitive. It's more advanced than the original, but the all-new X01 Eagle™ Grip Shift follows in the same tradition of making shifting easier, better and more intuitive. The new X01 Eagle™ Grip Shift system includes new, robust internals that make it more durable and its shifting performance more precise. But just like the original, it is total control in the palm of your hand.


  • New Grip Shift mechanism takes SRAM's original invention to an increased level of precision, durability.
  • Better feel and added toughness


  • Shifter Type: Twist
  • Cable Pull Ratio: X-Actuation
  • Compatibility - derailleur/hub: RD:12s
  • Cable length: 2200mm
  • Speeds: 12
  • Matchmaker Compatibility: No
  • Clamp included
  • Weight: 123g