Coffee and Accessories

Get your Olodge coffee fix at home.

Quality Coffee Bottles Designed for the Great Outdoors

At Olodge, we know that nothing beats a good hot cup of coffee to revitalize you during your outdoor outings. That's why we offer a selection of coffee accessories, including quality coffee bottles, specially designed for your outdoor adventures.

Our coffee bottles feature state-of-the-art insulation, such as the Pendleton Stanley Classic, which guarantees optimum heat retention for several hours, ensuring that your coffee is always hot, wherever you are. Their sturdy, impact-resistant construction makes them ideal for all types of outdoor activity, whether hiking, camping or climbing.

What's more, our coffee bottles come in a range of capacities, from traditional water bottles to coffee flasks, to meet all your needs. Some models even come with built-in cups, for easy sharing of coffee during your breaks.

Finally, with the environment in mind, we've selected durable, reusable coffee bottles designed to reduce waste. So whether you're a solo adventurer or a group explorer, you'll find the perfect coffee bottles for your outdoor escapades at Olodge.

By Way of Portable Coffee Grinders and Filters

Understanding the pleasure of freshly ground and filtered coffee in the middle of nature is what Olodge is all about. That's why we offer a range of portable coffee grinders and filters that allow you to enjoy your favourite coffee even in the middle of the forest.

Our portable coffee grinders and filters are designed to be as practical as possible. Some filter models, such as the Snow Peak coffee drip, can be folded to take up as little space as possible, while others have a stand, so they can be placed directly on your cup or coffee bottle.

Thanks to Olodge, making and enjoying fresh coffee outdoors has never been easier or more enjoyable than with our coffee accessories.

But Also Coffee, Quite Simply!

Olodge is first and foremost an outdoor café where you can enjoy the best latte of your life. So we believe that every outdoor getaway deserves an exceptional coffee too. That's why we've chosen to offer you a selection of the highest quality coffee beans and beverages.

Our range includes the De Mello Palheta Dead Man Walking, ideal for those who appreciate a rich cup to start their day of adventure. If you prefer a sweeter, more subtle flavour, the De Mello Palheta Dandy coffee is for you. Its chocolate notes make for a complex and pleasant-tasting experience.

Finally, for lovers of exotic flavours, the De Mello Palheta Chèvre Dansante coffee, with its nuances of black cherry and vanilla, offers a real taste escape.

Whatever your taste in coffee, get ready for a true caffeinated experience in the great outdoors with Olodge.

Order Your Coffee and Accessories From Olodge!

Get ready for your next nature outing with our selection of coffee and coffee accessories at Olodge. Whether it's a hike in the woods, a day of camping or a simple outing in town, we've got you covered. Our coffees and accessories are designed to stand up to wear and tear while ensuring optimal enjoyment and taste.

What's more, our range includes brands renowned for their quality and durability, all offered at competitive prices. Look no further for all your outdoor coffee needs.

Shop at Olodge today and explore the world with the highest quality coffee and accessories. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100!